Content is king, and your brand’s story is queen


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You’ve heard the term “content marketing” and you know it’s important to create valuable, quality content for your website, advertising, blog, social media channels, etc., but will your strategy stand the test of time? When you watch the following Go Pro commercial, is their brand story effectively communicated? How about in the Nationwide commercial?

Neil Patel and Ritika Puri explain that, “Contrary to popular belief, brand storytelling is not about your company. It’s about your customers and the value that they get when engaging with your product or service. The most powerful brand stories are the ones that prioritize customers as the stars. Think of your company as a supporting character.”

To help you develop your brand story, Ann Handley for Entrepreneur defined the essential characteristics of compelling stories, they’re true, human, original, and they serve the customer. Below is her list of questions she recommends to help develop captivating content to tell your brand story.

  • “What is unique about your business?
  • What is interesting about how it was founded? About the founder?
  • What problem is your company trying to solve?
  • What inspired the business?
  • What “aha” moments have you had?
  • How has your business evolved?
  • What’s a nonobvious way to tell your story? Can you look to analogy instead of example?
  • What about your business that you consider normal and mundane would other folks think is cool?”

Finally, remember the importance of words when creating content for your brand. Watch the video below for a memorable reminder.


2 thoughts on “Content is king, and your brand’s story is queen

  1. Duckworth Media says:

    I love this topic! I completely agree that we, as marketers, should be making our brand about our consumers as much as possible. One of the newest commercials that sticks out in my mind as I read this was Ben Carson’s “Hands” ad, in which he describes his political campaign to be more about the people and the different walks of life coming together – and less about him and all of his accomplishments. I think that people like to see what they can relate to, and in the case of selling your brand and company, it’s important to constantly keep this in mind when developing advertising and other collateral that must resonate. -H


  2. Rveva Barrett says:

    This was a fantastic walk through the amazing ever growing field of marketing. We have progressed from a small hometown market to a world wide market via the technical age. I am from the “Greatest Generation” and I must say this article has sort of pulled it together for me in a logical and sequential manner. I feel more empowered and a lot more informed!


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